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Editorial Analytics

Historical and real-time view of your content’s performance on all digital properties — Web, mobile, FB IA, apps, AMP, etc. Sliced by authors, devices, sources, paid/free users.

Analyze content sliced by articles, traffic sources, free/paid users or any custom parameter.

Use historical analytics with selectable time ranges and track metrics in real time.

Use conversions as a custom metric or control for pageviews, unique visitors, etc.


Multimedia Analytics

How are readers interacting with your photo and video galleries? We will help you find out and bridge the gap between textual and multimedia content.

Track how audiences engage with video content and know what shows the best completion rates, watch time, open rates, etc.

Know which image galleries resonate with your audiences the best in terms of viewability and engaged time.


Homepage Optimization Solution

All the tools your editorial team will need for maximum impact from your homepage, both in terms of clicks and quality of engagement.

Know which headlines positively impact audience loyalty. Run tests in 1 min. via a widget-like overlay.

Know in an instant if an article is worthy of being put into a high-performing spot on the homepage.


Insights Delivery Tools

Get actionable insights via any medium. Synchronize your editorial, managerial and tech teams’ efforts by visualizing key metrics for the entire office to see.

Achieve unparalleled levels of engagement by visualizing metrics on a big screen.

Get an overview of editorial performance delivered to your inbox.

Monitor articles’ performances directly on your website, via an overlay.


Media Group Analytics

Ensure that each one of your media holding’s businesses is running smoothly. Bring multiple businesses’ KPIs under “one roof” for better board-level decision making.

Accessibility controls to allow employees to see only article, section or website-wide insights.

Control how a single article is performing on different websites of a media group.

Control multiple brands faster and more efficiently from one single source of truth.


Raw Data Access

Receive your data in raw format wherever and however you like, via API or in .csv.

Enrich your reporting by connecting directly to our system via API.

Provide for seamless collaboration with other products through easily exportable data.


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