Create dashboards for yourself, your team and clients with 50+ one-click integrations

Add as many data sources as you need and vizualise them in a single dashboard.
Feel free to customize dashboard design, metrics kit, integrate your own tables and databases.
Or save your time and create a dashboard in a few minutes with our pre-baked templates.
How it works
Choose a template
Pick one from our dashboards library in oone click
Grant us reading access
We will automatically pull the necessary data from your tools
Personalize your dashbooard
Customize metrics, visualizations, layout and colors
Share your work with the world
Your team, clients and stakeholders can access relevant dashboard via link, email, TV, smartphone or spreadsheet
What is Wire Board?
Wire Board is a dashboard constructor that offers businesses a more effective way to communicate their goals and strategy. With Wire Board you create your own dashboards where you show data from any tools you are already using in your organization. You can use our template or create your custom dashboard.
Wire Board allows teams to set clear goals, track their own progress, and stay on the same page with teammates and clients.
How can Wire Board help me in my business?
Wire Board makes all the KPIs and important metrics available for anyone on the team. It is an easy way to introduce data driven approach to any company keeping the team focused and motivated.
Why should I choose Wire Board and not some other BI product?
1) It is easy to use and understand without any technical background. It is also fast, if you choose to work with some of our templates it takes a few clicks to get a ready dashboard.

2) It can be connected to more than 50 data sources; all the metrics and KPIs can be added to one dashboard in any combination.

3) It is created for small and middle companies, so anyone can choose the best price option.
Can I test or preview Wire Board before buying it?
Yes, you can register a free account and try out all the Wire Board dashboard templates, integrations, and features. If you are happy and satisfied with it, you can easily upgrade your plan and keep all your data.
How to create a free account?
The only thing you should do is to submit your email to any form on our website. Our manager will contact you shortly to advice the best way Wire Board can be used to achieve your goals.
What if I need a dashboard for a business or a department not listed in your menu?
We offer dashboard templates for Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Services, HR, Product and Project teams. However, this does not limit the ways Wire Board can be used, as soon as you can create custom dashboards on your own. You can add any KPIs and metrics from 50+ tools available for integration, you can also combine them in any way you need.
Do I have to code to create my dashboard?
No, you do not need any technical background. All you need is access to all the tools and data you want to connect to your Wire Board dashboard.
Can I share my dashboards with our clients, stakeholders, partners or anyone else outside our organization?
Yes, you can share any dashboards. You can send a link to a person outside your organization and they will be able to open the same dashboard on their computer or on a TV. There are also alternative ways to share your data: via email or an iframe.
Can a dashboard be white labeled?
Yes, there is such an option.
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