All-in-one analytics for e-commerce.


Learn about .io approach

  • Hassle-free integration: adding our test code to your webpage only takes a few minutes, and we take care of the rest, which means you’ll be up and running in no time;

  • Real-time and Historical Dashboards help you keep track of store performance and understand visitors behavior;

  • Automated and easy-to-read reports; daily, weekly and monthly email digests;

  • Save time by integrating .io with your CMS and any advertising platform to collect all data in a single view;

  • Unlimited number of users! Get everyone involved, build on good practice, and give your team the tools to succeed;

  • Absence of data sampling ensures 100% accuracy of store statistics;

  • Tracking is not limited to a specific number of custom metrics;

Product and category analytics

Get rich statistics on your products lineup and use them to your advantage

  • Conversions are based on product quantities that transfer between funnel stages;

  • Trends for every product-related metric help you understand the results of your work (e.g. how the price of a specific product affects conversion rate);

  • Unlimited data storage allows instant access and export at any given time;

  • Performance metrics can be grouped by weeks or months for smoother trends;

  • Custom calculated metrics can be used to account for marketing profitability;

Custom funnels

Adapt the reporting to reflect visitor’s path of your store

  • Set unlimited number of funnel stages to instantly identify bottlenecks (e.g. shopping and checkout behavior can be reported in a single view). Funnel statistics include conversions, number of products sent for next stage and revenue, associated with a specific parameter;

  • Multi-dimensional funnels allow you to drill much deeper into your reports (i.e. Brand, Category,Subcategory Product, Source, Campaign, Banner);

  • See important metrics for any paramater (Product names, sizes, colors, modifications, categories, sources, campaigns, user types, devices);

  • Funnels can be broken down at the level of a specific user to better understand their behaviour. Any field on your website can be used to collect contact details of your visitors. Viewing the funnel of a single user ensures better email targeting;

Automatic costs import

Analyze your marketing profitability without custom spreadsheets

  • 1-click integration with major advertisers;

  • Costs are imported automatically and stored in a single report;

  • Easy-to-use drop down lists break the ROI down to a single banner or keyword;

  • Instant transfer from ROI report to a funnel view for a campaign, group or banner allows you to identify possible areas of improvement;

  • Select any attribution model, even data-driven;

Extra features

Go beyond standard reporting

  • Analyze A/B Testing results and measure on banner CTR, number of orders placed after the click and generated revenue;

  • Enable cart-abandonment triggers to bring your customers back the website;

  • View your product inventory vs. demand;

  • See how well your on-site search performs - know the average number of results per keyword and find out if there is any queries resulting with nothing;