IO for Digital Monetization
IO gives you actionable insights by matching your content performance
metrics with generated revenue on one screen
Subscription dashboard

IO's tailor-made dashboards equipped with Paywall Funnels give you a valuable
insight into which content garners the most subscriptions.

Learn which topics, authors and platforms have higher subscription conversions,
and how readers engage with your website after hitting “Subscribe” button.

  • Monitor the amount of registrations and subscriptions in real-time
  • Evaluate conversion rates and trends
  • Learn which authors and articles have higher subscription conversions
Branded content
Branded Content Dashboard

IO offers a dashboard on branded content performance based on the metrics vital for your clients

Filter data collected by any given brand/campaign

Share access to that campaign with your clients

Send fully automated reports to your clients

Ads revenue
Ads Revenue Dashboard
Get real time insights on content with highest RPM to understand which format works best and which articles need to be promoted
  • Integrate seamlessly via our easy-to-use DFP connector and monitor your content revenue in real-time
  • Spend less time building reports and focus on implementing the best strategies to improve Ads Revenue
  • Distribute data between teams by changing the reporting dimension - per article, per author, per category

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