IO for Video Teams
Learn about interests of viewers from multiple platforms on one screen
Video dashboard

Evaluate the number of video launches, time spent, playrate %,
viewability, traffic sources, and any custom metrics vital for your business.

IO dashboard provides useful insights on video content to everyone

  • Monitor the number of video launches in real-time
  • See how much time viewers actually spend on your videos
  • Evaluate start and completion rates for each and every video on your site

Understand the performance of each video, even if it appears in multiple formats


Mobile app

Facebook Instant Articles

Google AMP

Integrate all your video players into one dashboard
Video ads
Monitor viewers interaction with video ads to maximize revenue potential
See the percentage of viewers who bounced after an ad
  • Track the number of ad launches for each video
  • Evaluate ads impact on viewers’ experience
  • See revenue generated by each video

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