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State-of-the-art Editorial Dashboard Designed for High-Impact Editorial Analytics


Publisher Dashboards for Impactful Editorial Analytics

IO real-time editorial dashboards empower chief editors and media business executives to streamline their data in order to make faster and smarter business decisions.

Measure your authors’ performance, content engagement metrics and social media performance metrics, regardless of channel, platform or device - all on one editorial dashboard screen. Develop a loyal audience in hectic, fast-breaking news environments, as well as build long-term strategies for reader engagement.

  • Explore valuable trends for websites and articles

  • Analyze quantitative metrics along with qualitative ones to truly understand how your audience interacts with your content

  • Organise, filter, and manipulate your data by traffic source, sections, authors, devices and more


Alerts and

Set up customizable alerts with recommendations sent to your email, Slack or other communication channels


On-screen Overlay for Homepage

The on-screen overlay makes your homepage work at full capacity. You no longer need to log into the dashboard to view crucial content engagement statistics, as those are accessible via overlay report

  • Number of clicks and CTR trends for each article on a given page

  • Reader engagement once an article is opened

  • Color labels next to each article for lightning-fast identification of top performers


On-screen Overlay for Articles

Use the on-screen overlay to understand how your audiences engage with every article in real-time:

  • See how far your readers scroll down each page and which internal links they click on

  • Learn key content engagement metrics per article, including pageviews, time spent on page, traffic sources, etc.


Authors Tracking

Evaluate how your authors, editors, and freelance writers are performing in each topic or category

Newsroom TV

Welcome To Newsroom Analytics TV

Make sure nobody in your team misses a thing by broadcasting your publishing KPIs via a publisher dashboard meant for the entire news media office to use.

Articles Only

Sources, Articles, Authors

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