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Data and Analytics
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Digital Monetization
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Editorial Dashboards
On-screen Display
Alerts and Recommendations
Video Dashboard
Video Ads
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SMM Dashboard
Integration with Facebook Insights
Spike Alerts
Managing Multiple Projects
KPI Dashboards
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Data Export
User Types Analysis
Remarketing for FB Audience
Subscriptions Dashboard
Branded Content Dashboard
Ads Revenue Dashboard
media retail
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Accounts receivable
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Stock analysis
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General Dashboard
Adaptive Design
General Dashboard
Planned VS Actual Sales
Market Share
Special Offers Analysis
Loyalty Programs
Customers Activity
General Dashboard
Turnover Balance Sheet
Reliability of Counterparties
Access Management
Data Export
User Types Analysis
Remarketing for FB Audience
Subscriptions Dashboard
Branded Content Dashboard
Ads Revenue Dashboard
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Why IO Technologies?
Hassle-free set up
Tailored reports for different roles
Unlimited number of users
Data delivery via multiple channels
24/7 support
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The result of
working with IO?
Data-driven teams that use data to
drive business decisions every day

* more than 72% of users connected to IO platform use it on a daily basis

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We are proud to work along some of the greatest brands in the world
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We care about your success
What Customers Say
  • For us IO and its services are top-notch! We can't imagine tracking web traffic and delivering quality content without your help. The detailed layout, design, and mobility allow us to easily interpret data, leading to an increase in our overall productivity, thus improving our overall experience as a customer.
  • Dear IO team, thanks a lot for the great service & support you are providing us! You are one of the most responsive, friendly and helpful teams we are working with. We really appreciate your great work and are looking forward to many more years working with you!
    Ringier Africa
  • I want to say that it is not only about the service as it is, but the team behind it. Meeting such a nice, smart and extremely responsive team, working behind the scene, helps me to take the decision to continue the contract with you.
  • It's not easy to import a system into the company and let everyone love it. Having a good friends is always a good thing to do when it's hard to do something. Thanks for their assistance, from import to the present, and especially for listening to our needs, just like being friends for many years. Thanks again,
    The News Lens
  • We are delighted with the IO service team. Always there when we have a question and constantly keeping us informed of the latest developed to the platform that might be of interested to us!
    DMG Ireland
Customer Success
Customer Success lies at
the heart of our business
  • Response time under 10 minutes
  • Unlimited amount of training sessions for each team
  • Easily accessible video tutorials and learning materials
  • Success cases from IO users all over the world
Media Coverage
IO in the Media
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