Data-driven Approach + Intuition = Results

Renan Hamann
Editor-in-Chief at NZN, TecMundo
Valentina Podmazina

What are your impressions of our dashboards?

For now, we have been using the IO dashboard for almost 3 years and I am still learning new things. The new design is more beautiful and cleaner than the older one.

Which IO features do you use the most?

All the tools are very useful. I like the most the "finish reading" rate as it allows me to know what we are doing right or wrong, and the real time analytics which is my biggest helper when I have to plan the main page. The main page widget is very helpful too.

In which way has the widget helped your web edition?

I can say that our main page is build in two ways:
• The first one is our feeling to bet on some news or articles.
• The second one is the widget, so we can see the results in the real time and also the impact of the mainpage building. By the way, we have 12 spaces on the main page and just 1st, 2nd and 3rd are based on our gut feeling. All the others are based on metrics.

Which metrics are the central ones for NZN?

Pageviews and Unique visitors are analyzed full-time. We need to know exactly what is trending with public, and what is not. We also use that to see if we had success on our micro-moments.

Does it bring results to your newsroom?

Sometimes. Unfortunately, that's not an exact science. But sometimes we can manage pages to make a bigger impact on our audience.

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