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How to create one single dashboard instead of dozens of reports
HeadHunter, the leading online recruitment company, founded in 2000 and operating in CIS area, is among successful customers of IO Technologies. The company’s largest asset is website, which is among TOP-3 Jobs And Employment websites in the world according to SimilarWeb.
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How data analysis let Ringier Africa take off
More editorial teams than ever are relying on data to make the most accurate decisions, following the example of the cutting-edge companies leading the industry.
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Analyze and change constantly: Autoreview experience
The main point is that IO Dashboard is convenient to work with "on the run". You don’t need to dig through a pile of internal pages with graphs and tables
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Data-driven Approach + Intuition = Results
For now, we have been using the IO dashboard for almost 3 years and I am still learning new things. The new design is more beautiful and cleaner than the older one
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Measuring success with combination of metrics
The thing I liked the most about IO's dashboard is the flexibility to make custom reports for different roles in our team
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Spark readers interest showing them less.
When we first started using .io there was a lot of new data presented to us which was a little daunting
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Interactive content as a lure for readers.
When we started working with .io, we’ve already had KPIs to achieve by the end of the year
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Recirculation as a new editorial KPI.
We publish approximately 2500 articles in a month which comes down to 80-85 articles per day
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