Find out the key performance points of your business, be in full control over all processes, make purposeful decisions based on data. Check out the ROI of each channel and reorganize budgets for them if necessary. Be data-driven!
General dashboard

Monitor your overall business performance and discover its strong and weak points/areas.
Access a full overview of all your work on one screen.

  • Determine how effective your business and how revenues are converted into profit
  • Assess the situation of sales plan realization in real-time. Respond in a timely manner to changing situation
  • Track progress of plans realization in any sections. Build the best / worst ratings. Work with LFL and more
Average check
Learn the average spending trends of customers in your store. Reveal profitable periods, target demographics, business trends.
Predict a range of scenarios for potential further business development and growth, using our dashboard’s mathematical model.

Find out the results and successes you are capable of, and what is needed in order to achieve them.
Sales per square meter
We track offline store sales for you, to determine cost-effectiveness of your physical setup. Sometimes, moving shelves increases profits by double or even more.
Regular Reporting
Regular Reports, Alerts and Recommendations
To save your time, we can send automatic daily or weekly reports to your email.

Set up customizable alerts with recommendations sent to your email, Slack or other communication channels.
Adapting to all devices
Keep an eye on vital metrics from any device and make timely decisions without delays.
Customized solution
We are always ready to address our clients’ personalized requirements and help them solve their particular challenges.

Tell us about your needs and get an optimized, specially designed tool to get ahead on unique business challenges before your competitors do.

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