Data-driven Retail business
grows X10 faster
Intuition supported by data opens new insights and business opportunities.
Never guess, operate numbers which tell you what DOES work
Boosts your effectiveness
  • All-in-one tool
  • Dashboards for different roles
  • Timely and effective data delivery
  • Customizable solutions
  • Responsive design for both desktop and mobile
  • Long-term relationships with our partners
We are Data Analytics Platform
We address and solve the full range of issues:
  • Consolidation and aggregation of data from different sources
  • Integration and scaling of the platform
  • Building a single source of truth
  • Creating analytical tools and role-based dashboards
We do
What we do?
How we work?
  • 01
    Defining your needs
    Defining your needs

    IO specialists analyze business processes and determine the needs of company employees.

  • 02
    Defining your needs

    IO creates an individual solution and integrates it into your workflow and frequently used tools.

  • 03
    Defining your needs

    IO connect employees to the solution providing flexible tools and adaptation approaches.

  • 04
    Optimization and adaptation
    Defining your needs

    IO performs 95% of the implementation and guarantees 100% support of the solution, thus removing the burden from your marketers, analysts and IT departments.

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