Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable
When it comes to calculating profit and loss, understanding margins and overall business effectiveness from a financial point of view, it’s vital that account receivables be included in the picture. This tool helps you see what is needed to make your business even more profitable.
General dashboard

Having all your information grouped together on one screen gives you a bird’s eye view of the full picture and lets you see which parts of your business are effective and working well, what needs more precise monitoring, and which parts need focus and improvement.

  • Track in a timely manner how efficiently your company has organized work on payment collection for its products
  • The dynamics of accounts receivable will clearly show in terms of sum and time how efficiently the company interacted with counterparties
  • Accounting, control, performance evaluation of accounts receivable, complaint management of undisciplined debtors
Analytical Platform
Analytical Platform
A comprehensive information and analytical platform, we address and solve the full range of data analytics needs and issues
Consolidation of data from different sources
Building a single source of truth
Creating a handy, efficient all-in-one tool
Providing high-quality onboarding for all team members
Trial Balance
This is a turnover balance sheet for every business partner showing company managers each one’s overall effectiveness in terms of profitability.

Find out which counterparties pay their bills in a timely manner, and how many have unpaid balance or bills due you.
Check and manage payment records, examine payment data for specific dates and analyze trends for timeliness or default of payments. Compare this data to your projections and adjust and modify future plans and calculations accordingly.
and Associates
Establish who are your most reliable business partners by achieving a bird’s-eye view with this powerful all-in-one dashboard. The data from each individual dashboard described above is consolidated and displayed in full on this screen, so you won’t have to make calculations and comparisons yourself.

Determine how to focus on your best performing counterparties and make the right decisions on debtors, by drawing conclusions based on analyzing the data in real time or exploring statistics for various back periods.
Data export
Data export
Crunch the data on your own with IO’s export feature
Google Docs

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