IO for Sales Teams
No more tons of Excel files, no more jumbled reports from different systems and hours of sorting and analyzing them. Everything is now consolidated in one place and comprehensively visualized with dashboards that allow you to drill down and explore the details of your business concisely.
General dashboard

Scrutinize and review the overall performance of your sales team. This dashboard reveals how effective and profitable your sales are. Examine the illustrative graph highlighting conspicuous problems, inspect the performance of all your shops and get immediate insights into who are the best performers and who requires focus and improvement.

  • Manage sales process of your business and find growth points
  • Focus on the most relevant information for making quick and correct decisions
  • Create a transparent system for analyzing any indicator and apply the experience to achieve the result
The IO system for sales analysis gathers, organizes, and displays data from any system like 1C, SAP, Oracle, different Web sources, Excel files, and so on.

Find insights for your retail business, determine what areas should be focused on and strengthened; find out what helps your competitors sell better and use these discoveries to pull ahead and overtake them.
Sales Analysis
Sales Analysis
After you have received an overall picture of your commercial activities and general performance, delve into and study the details here.

This will help you answer the major questions crucial to developing your business’s success: “What, When, Where, and Why”.
Planned VS Actual Sales
Every retail shop has sales projections.
This dashboard helps determine whether the actual sales are reaching the level of planned sales.

Analyze seasonal changes, monitor progress towards achieving sales goals, forecast future sales based on real results, draw conclusions on what has helped you meet or surpass your goals, or what is hindering the process.
This report shows the full roster of all your suppliers along with a listing of their main points of effectiveness.

It discloses which of your suppliers bring the best profit margin and send orders in time, and are worth working with further.
Complete the whole picture of your orders from manufacturers and business partners.

Find out what stock is in your warehouse, what orders your suppliers have already delivered, and what deliveries are still pending with one dashboard.
Discovering product trends in the market will lead you to useful business insights.

Learn what popular products are out there, and determine which are most successful among buyers, to order and stock in your shops.
Data export
Data export
Crunch the data on your own with IO’s export feature
Google Docs

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